Coaching Services

At Sarah Bartlett Holistic Fitness & Nutrition Coaching, we believe in best quality gets the best results. This is true both in the gym and in life, and our coaching services are no exception to this rule. 

We offer a range of services, from the most holistic, all-health-encompassing one-on-one online coaching for women in the world, to a range of less-assisted online programs options.

Holistic Coaching with Sarah Bartlett

from $125/wk

Sarah Bartlett is proud to provide the most holistic, all-encompassing one-on-one online health coaching services for women available anywhere in the world. Specialising in nutrition and hormonal health, with a passion for helping to correct an irregular period, Sarah has guided hundreds of women to better periods, healthier hormones and a happier life. 


Online Programs

$50-$100 per program


Our online program options are for those who aren't yet sure they want to make the full commitment, or need to test the waters. All designed by Sarah Bartlett, and specifically targeted around at outcome, with progressions for all skill levels. 


BodyWise - The App

Coming soon...

Our individualised programmes are all customised to your needs as based upon an in-depth movement and training history assessment.


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