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Coaching Services

we believe:

The best quality gets the best results 
in the gym and in life

our coaching services are no exception

We offer a range of services from the most holistic one-on-one personal coaching, to a range of less-assisted online program options. Feel free to get in touch to discuss which options would best suit your needs.

Get in touch

from $125/wk

Holistic Coaching
with Sarah Bartlett

Holistic Private Coaching is for those who are serious about getting results, desire a "hands on" style of coaching and real accountability. All programs for nutrition and movement are 100% customised to your individual needs, goals and requirements for the fastest  If you have BIG GOALS and are ready to level up, this is the program for you.


Prices vary by program & access

Online Programs
via BodyWise app

Our online program options are for those who aren't yet sure they want to make the full commitment, or need to test the waters. All designed by Coach Sarah Barty, and specifically targeted around at outcome, with progressions for all skill levels. 


$10 - $120/month

the app

The BodyWise app is available on iOS and Android platforms. It can be accessed as a stand-alone product and is also accessible for all clients purchasing any program or coaching. Your level of access to its features is dependant upon the program/pacckage purchased.

Online Coaching Anchor
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