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About Me

I grew up in an active, athletic family - my Dad was a World Champion rower, winning Gold for Australia twice before I was born. My Mum was forever taking us on adventures to zoos, parks and playgrounds. Every family holiday we ever went on was active: snow skiing, waterskiing, camping, hiking or something adventurous. As a kid, I played hockey, gymnastics and was always running around climbing trees or making mud pies.As a teen, I continued with both gymnastics and hockey and eventually gave gymnastics away to try rowing in my senior years. This taught me a great deal about team work, responsibility and the value of hard physical effort - my whole life I have trained bloody hard!

I didn't start out my career as a coach - I studied Communications at Uni, and embarked on a corporate career, before realising that lifestyle was absolutely not for me. 
It was actually my PT who initially suggested I become one - I was working in advertising sales at the time and laughed it off. Fast forward 18 months, I was enrolled at the Australian Fitness Institute and have never looked back.

I have been a PT/Coach for over 8 years, having started my career operating a highly successful franchise out of Fitness First Willoughby (FFW). I spent over 3 years at FFW, training a wide variety of clients, whilst beginning to carve out a point of difference for brand, exploring the blending of weights, calisthenics and mobility. It was during my time at FFW that I became a part of the Real Movement Project with Keegan Smith. This was a highly influential mentorship on my development as a coach, athlete and individual, and many of the principles and practices I learned from this incredible group of humans, I still incorporate into mine and my client's lives today. 

After completing a high level coaching development program, I was headhunted by the creators of the program, an "industry leading" fitness brand, specialising in bodybuilding and competition prep, to become a coach, course presenter and mentor for their brand.

I spent 18 months with the brand - learning everything I could about the world of bodybuilding, nutrition coaching, all while travelling the world teaching and presenting courses in fitness and nutrition to hundreds of incredible PTs and coaches around the world. I had the opportunity to meet and learn from some of the best coaches in the industry including Sebastian Oreb and Mark Ottobre.

It was during this time I also launched my online coaching business, BodyWise Holistic Coaching, and started specialising in women who were having hormonal issues, and struggling to get the results they desired due to not understanding how to manage their hormonal health correctly. 

I created a program specifically for women who were experiencing Hypothalamic Amenhorrea (had lost their menstrual cycle due to overtraining/malnutrition) and how to get the periods healthy again, using nutritional and lifestyle modifications. This is what really ignited my passion!

I absolutely love the freedom, flexibility and global connections I have gouged out since making the change to helping women online with their hormonal health. I am so excited to be able to inspire hundreds of thousands, fuck it, MILLIONS of women across the globe with my voice. 

I am now studying a Bachelor of Health Science - Naturopathy, and spending my time on bringing my passion project to deliverance: a brand of wellness centred around mindset, nutrition, movement and recovery for women, with a core focus on hormonal, mental, environmental and spiritual health - to create a life in which you THRIVE.


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To inspire 1,000,000,000 humans to reach their fullest potential by creating a life in which they can thrive. When our cup is overflowing, we have the most to give.


Create an online community of like-minded women and men, committed to bettering themselves and the world around them

Spread positivity in every interaction so that every person I encounter feels better/is better for having crossed paths

Live a life of service and gratitude

Be the change you wish to see in the world



To be a positive influence on the lives of those around me and whom I connect with

To work each and every day towards becoming the best version of myself

 and inspiring others to do the same

Continual learning and physical challenge in the pursuit of growth

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